4 Simple Summer Party Hacks!

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4 Simple Summer Party Hacks!


Summer is in full swing and that means BBQ’s and outdoor summer fun! Have friends or family coming over last minute? Well here are four awesome tips and tricks that will keep your summer party running smoothly… and they all can be done in 5 minutes or less!


1. Keep drinks chilled and looking festive with water balloons frozen and ready to sub in. It's cheaper than buying ice from the store and guests won't have to worry about sticking their hand in ice cold water to search for a drink! 

2. Freeze fruit (and even cut it into fun shapes) then add it to cocktails for a beautiful presentation. They will chill the drinks like ice and add a nice detail to the taste along the way!
3. An awesome tip for keeping flies away is to cut a lemon in half and add cloves to it. Set out the lemons around 30 minutes before the food will be going on the table. The smell will leave your party pest free!

4. If you are running low on cooler space, simply blow up a pool raft and fill with ice. The stand in bar will keep is a fun way to keep drinks and/or food cold!

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