Nana’s Restaurant!

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Nana's Restaurant

Located: 2514 University Drive #104, Durham

South Square residents,

Need somewhere to dine out this Memorial Day weekend? Then be sure to stop by Nana's Restaurant, rated the #1 restaurant in Durham on TripAdvisor! Enjoy huge portions of delicious American cuisine all while within a warm and trendy atmosphere. From appetizers, to entre meals and desserts, they have a little bit of everything for everyone! Some of their most popular entre meals include halibut, pan roasted chicken, risotto of braised rabbit confit, pan roasted red grouper, pan roasted venison loin, smoked spanish mackerel and toasted coconut ice cream! This is the perfect place to dine out this Memorial Day weekend, whether it’s with friends or family, everyone will love their overall experience! Be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible!

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